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Economy Drilling Solutions Lo-K-Tor, has been featured in many trade shows and publications. In side by side hydro excavation / vacuum excavation demonstrations, the Lo-K-Tor out-performed the competition.


If time is money and you are locating underground utilities, performing directional boring, potholing, performing spoils/mud removal, and/or water jetting and you don't have a Lo-K-Tor, then you could be losing money. Our high pressure water jetting equipment (Lo-K-Tor) is a fast, simple way to accomplish all these things and more.

Our hydro excavator / vacuum excavator equipment was designed by drillers, people who actually do hydro excavation. We know what you need, what you do, how you do it, and how to improve your hydro excavation / vacuum excavation process.




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You won't sacrifice performance for cost. Economy Drilling Solutions manufactures high performance hydro excavation  / vacuum excavation equipment at a low cost. Find out why many industry leaders are switching to Economy Drilling Solutions.




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2019 is our year of new products.  We have introduced a mini-vac trailer that is fantastic for spill clean-up and a great rental unit.  We have also expanded our hydro-vac line and introduced a DEF trailer.  Give us a call!

October 2015

Magnus Industries LLC completed the purchase of Economy Drilling Solutions.  All company operations will be located in Edmond, Oklahoma, just of I-35 in the Heart of Oklahoma's transportation corridor. 

Economy Drilling Solutions will continue to produce quality products for a competitive price.  We look forward to expanding our product line in the near future.

When you need equipment, look no further than ECONOMY DRILLING SOLUTIONS, . We innovate. We deliver. 


ECONOMY DRILLING SOLUTIONS has become a part of Magnus Industries LLC  but one thing remains unchanged – our dedication to building quality equipment .  We believe that our word is our bond.  We are committed to building a quality product at a competitive price,  and we always listen to the needs of our customers.  We are dedicated to honesty, commitment and quality craftsmanship.  We will continue to grow and expand our product line and look forward to serving our customers.

Advantages Over Competitors

Effortless Dumping - pump reverses, pressurizes tank and spoil is blown out
Works at greater depth
Works horizontally further from the machine for sewer and water pipe jobs
Works at a tried 300 plus feet - letting the hose reach areas where machinery cannot go
Very quiet
Very competitive pricing
Efficient design requires less maintenance
Many components can be purchased in whole or repair parts at your local farm or auto parts store
Durable - all hoses, fittings and couplings are made of high quality material